We Don’t Make Coolers We Make living Better

The technological revolution provided many an invention to improve our daily way of life. However sometimes technology ignored certain aspects of promoting a healthier environment resulting in inventions that released harmful toxins into the atmosphere. Clarion coolers on the other hand in sustaining development, have gone one step ahead in fulfilling its responsibilities towards a healthier environment.

In most cases machines produced by innovative technology have sometimes failed to address certain environment concerns like noise pollution and water pollution. These can lead to environmental as well as health hazards which question our very survival upon earth. With depletion of resources living itself becomes an effort. Thus it is with responsible technology that such concerns can be addressed to bring about inventions that provide tailor made solutions to suit the environment. If problems are prevalent in technology invention, there has to be a solution as well.

Evolution to Revolution

What is now termed in the world of technological advancement as eco friendly technology is the main mantra at clarion coolers behaving responsibly towards consumers and the environment alike. With upgraded and advanced eco friendly coolers, clarion coolers are a fine example of responsible technology that creates solutions for an improved environment.

Clarion air  coolers depend on a three pronged strategy for its coolers that reflect innovative design, high standards of quality and total reliability leading to customer satisfaction.  High standards of designed are adhered to in strictest of terms keeping in mind a customers need for value along with profits for long term gains. Profitability always lies in keeping customers happy and this is the mainstay of clarion coolers

Air Conditioner v/s Clarion Air Coolers

What makes clarion air coolers stand out as eco friendly models are several aspects of an advanced a technology that incorporates all factors that promote and address environmental concerns. As compared to an air conditioner a clarion cooler has much to offer with all of the below mentioned benefits.

Ø  Emits zero carbon levels

Ø  Low electrical consumption rate

Ø  Lightweight designs make mobility easier

Ø  Inexpensive and value for money

Ø  Larger and effective cooling area

Ø  Fresh cold healthy air

Ø  Eco friendly energy savers

Carbon emissions are the main cause of environmental decay. The depletion of the ozone layer and global warming is the biggest examples of increased carbon emissions caused by various appliances. Clarion coolers can be proud to claim zero carbon emission in its coolers which offer great values for money by way of energy costs.  Lightweight coolers make it easy for users to move the appliance from one room to another. In comparison to an air conditioner a clarion cooler has wider cooling area consuming lower electricity.Clarion coolers focused strongly on the eco friendly concept of technology in developing its coolers. The result from sustained efforts was a new and improved technology that assures every user an improved and easier way of life to beat the hot summer months. In addition   solutions to environmental concerns were achieved by incorporating the several beneficial aspects into each machine. Clarion coolers have now come a long way in innovative and improved eco friendly technological design to be regarded as a company with a difference

No Carbon Emission

co2 emisn

Large Cooling Area

large area

Eco Friendly Concept